Sofía Salenave, Founder, Project and Linguistic Lead

I hold a degree in sworn translation and a degree in scientific and literary translation from Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a Project and Linguistic Lead at PG, specialized in Medicine, Education, and Sciences. I am the mother of three, Sofía, Ana, and Felipe. I enjoy performing and studying music, mindfulness, yoga, and all kinds of holistic therapies for the wellness of mind, body, and soul.

Natalia Molina, Founder, Operations and Linguistic Lead

I hold a degree in sworn translation and a master’s in English literature and cinema. I am an Operations and Linguistic Lead at PentaGroup. My areas of expertise are tourism, education, legal and gender-oriented studies. I am the mother of Allegra. I love traveling all around Argentina and the world, and I am a theater enthusiast, movie buff, and proud bookish person.

Ana Dorribo, Founder, IT and Linguistic Lead

I hold a degree in sworn translation from the Universidad Católica Argentina and have been in the translation business since I graduated in 2005. I'm one of PG’s founding members and an IT and Linguistic Lead, that means that -in addition to my Project Manager duties- I am in charge of any and all graphic design and technology support needs within the company. Mom to Joan and Blas, and dog-mom to Max, I love spending time outdoors, playing tennis, and taking pottery classes. I’m also a fan of crosswords and thrillers (both movies and books)!

A champion for your goals.

Holding sustained growth since its creation in 2006, PentaGroup, LLC has since
completed over 18,000 projects for a wide array of clients, lots of which are still
loyal customers. We build partnerships that go way beyond translations. We
want to help you take your ideas further, knocking off language barriers and
making sure you get what you need, when you need it. No email stays in our
inbox unreplied: you need us, we respond. Your goal is our goal. You have
something to say, PentaGroup knows how to say it.
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