Testimonial A

Yana, MasterWord Services
PentaGroup is one of our trusted vendors for English<->Spanish translation requests. It is always a pleasure to work with them because of their professionalism, responsiveness, and thoroughness. They have completed a multitude of translation projects for MasterWord, some of which were literally lifesaving for our requestors. PentaGroup will always try to do their best to accommodate each request and approach it in a unique way. In addition, they are also always open to suggestions and feedback as constantly seek ways to improve.

Testimonial B

Jim, B2B
My translation agency has been working with Penta Group for 15 years to provide English to Spanish Translations. Their team of translators has always been very detailed-oriented, cost effective, and accommodating to our timelines. Everything is carefully translated and proofread so we can provide a final translation to our clients. The translations speak for themselves as our clients keep coming back with more projects which I keep sending to Penta Group. They are my go-to for Spanish Translations!

Testimonial C

Veronique, OmniTech
OmniTechTrans has been working regularly with the Penta Group for over 16 years and we have always been happy: the team is always quick to respond to requests, accommodates tight turnaround times whenever possible, and delivers quality work, all in a pleasant and professional manner. We are so happy with our partnership with Penta and look forward to continuing our work with them!

Testimonial D

Yesenia, Quantum
It is my pleasure to work with PentaGroup. They have contracted with Quantum, Inc. as a freelance translation company for more than 15 years and it has been an absolute delight to work with their team. They have proven to be a proficient translation company. We highly value their accuracy, professionalism and demonstrated skill as one of our most reliable linguist.

Testimonial E

Francisco, BW
We entrusted PentaGroup with every technical translation related to new trainings for a Mexican company. Thanks to their high level of attention and responsiveness we were able meet all of our client’s requests and secured customer loyalty.

A reliable partner.

We work with and for some very prestigious renowned end-clients across many
industries and also act as vendors for some of the largest translation agencies
in the world. Whether you need a short one-time project or are looking to
engage in a sustained streamlined partnership with a trusted vendor, we are
always the most reliable choice.