The translation and editing process entails so much more than a simple
passage of words from one language to another. Simply put, machines lack the
judgment and the sensitivity that a human translator can bring into the mix. No
matter how “accurate” a machine translation may sound, it will never be up to
the task in replacing the touch of our highly-trained, University-level linguists.

We currently dedicate ourselves to projects from English into Spanish and
from Spanish into English exclusively.

The cost of a project will vary based on the task at hand. Translation project
costs are determined by the number of words of a document (source or target
word counts may apply) and the language pair involved, while Proofreading,
DTP and Transcription projects are mostly billed hourly. In any case, costs are
set on a case-by-case basis as multiple factors play a role in the complexity of a

The term Computer-Assisted Translation is used to refer to tools created to
boost productivity and ensure translation quality and cohesion, while Machine
Translation (MT) means that the actual translation is “done” by a software (like
Google Translate). At PG we use CAT tools (SDL Studio, MemSource/Phrase)
to help us get projects out to you with better quality and sooner.

Yes, we accept transcription jobs both as a facet of the translation process and
as independent projects.

During business hours we do our very best to respond within 1-2 hours, but in
the event that a project requires extensive analysis and planning we will
respond within 24 hours.

It is our primary goal and concern to assure that you are satisfied with the
finished project. If the document that we deliver for some reason does not meet
your expectations, we encourage you to contact us immediately to discuss any
revisions and modifications necessary for your satisfaction.

We sure do! We use tools such as SDL Studio and MemSource/Phrase to maximize
efficiency. However, we understand that they may not be appropriate for every
project so we are always open to accommodate to the tasks at hand.