Translation Agency


It was not just about translating. We wanted to develop an idea, to carry forward a solid company, capable of providing whatever was asked from us: we wanted to be fast, responsive, and efficient, and deliver high quality at affordable costs… and we’ve been successfully and proudly doing so for the past eight years.

We came together to provide our clients with quality texts and solutions that allow them to break language barriers, so as to meet their own communication and marketing goals.

“You have something to say, PentaGroup knows how to say it”.

We know time is always of the essence, so we make sure we are here for you, whenever you need us. No email stays in our inbox unreplied: you need us, we respond. We make it our daily goal to have the best possible availability and go out of our way to accommodate every project we receive.

Get to know the people who make it possible.

At the heart of PG, you will find our amazing team of Project Managers, in-house translators and editors, who work alongside our valuable freelancers. Together, this group of tireless professionals takes care of your projects, making sure they apply all of their expertise and experience to deliver a product that can meet any standard.

At PentaGroup we aim at excellence in every single aspect. Give us a try and see it for yourself.